Tuesday, July 19, 2011

There are no words...

Always remember that your sister is your Best Friend! xo Mommy

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday baby girl!

I can't believe that my tiny is 1! It seems literally like yesterday that I was being told that I would need a c-section and to get ready for surgery and that she would be here soon! I can't even begin to describe the feelings that were felt that day as Roger was a nervous wreck and I just wanted to get her here. Of course I only got to see her for a few seconds before they took her to the nursery and then it was hours later that I got to hold her and the feeling I got when I looked at her and held her in my arms was unlike anything I can describe! I was really scared and nervous that I wouldn't be able to love her as much as I do Macee and wondered if Macee would resent us for having another baby since she definitely was spoiled and liked being the only child but the second I laid eyes on her I had an overwhelming love for her and for Macee since I knew that they are my precious little girls and our life couldn't be any better! Preslee started out as our peacemaker, she didn't like loud voices or yelling and would always cry and let us know that she didn't appreciate it. As her first year went along she has gotten to be more and more fiesty and she has definitely learned a thing or two or three from her sister in the fit throwing deartment and has learned that she can get any one of use to give her whatever she wants! ;)She started walking at 10 1/2 months since crawling just wasn't doing her justice! I love how determined she is and how she doesn't stop until she gets what she wants! That's how Macee is too and it's a pain right now while we're raising them but I wouldn't have it any other way since we live in a cRaZy world!

Preslee has had a lot of nicknames in her short little existance, at first it was "tiny" since she was a little peanut, she moved onto "stinker" after that, "baby girl" is a favorite, "LINUS" is definitely fitting since she is always dragging a blanket around with her! She is a smart little thing, when she wakes up from a nap or in the mornings she will throw her binkie and her blanket out of the crib so that when I get her out and am not looking she can go in her room and get them! She comes out with the biggest grin on her face and the look of haha I gotcha! She is ATTACHED to her 3 B's as we call them: Binkie, Blanket, and Bottle! If she doesn't have at least one of them, most often at least 2 she throws a fit until she gets one! We're in for it since her pediatrician wants all of them gone by 18 months! Yeah Right! We're working on it but haven't been very successful so far. I guess a lot of it is my fault because I love to see her so in love with them and as long as she loves them I can still say she's my baby and won't grow up! Wishful thinking! Preslee ADORES her big sister and only recently have they started to fight a little bit. Macee is really good about playing with her but they both are very stubborn and butt heads so there's tears sometimes but for the most part they seriously LOVE each other! Macee treats her like she is her own baby and loves to help me get diapers or feed her or anything else that I need help with. Preslee loves baths! As soon as she hears the bath water running she heads straight for the bathroom and puts her leg over and tries to climb in! When it's time to get out she has a meltdown and screams and kicks and throws a fit because she wasn't done playing! She also has a "small" obsession with the toilet. She has been known to play in the water or with the flusher handle and just loves to bang on the lid! It's funny sometimes but mostly drives me crazy because I'm always having to make sure she isn't playing in toilet water! She is a really good eater and loves to eat whatever anyone else has. She always shares my cheerios with me in the morning and I love it that she wants what I have. We haven't found very many things that she doesn't like so hopefully that continues as she gets older! She loves to get clothes that are laying around the house and try and put them on her head, she walks around with a shirt or something around her head and neck and thinks she's so big because she "dressed" herself. We're in trouble if she changes clothes as many times as Macee does a day! She is saying the usual dada and mama and sometimes I think she says sisi since that's what we call Macee. She kindof says kitty and she will sign milk and more and food so we're making a little progress. She loves babies, both real and fake and always gets Macee's water baby and holds her and pats her bum. It's seriously the cutest thing. She loves real babies and loves to talk to them and smile and poke them in the eye! :) She loves the movie "Dispicable Me" and will sit and watch the whole movie with us, it's our favorite movie right now so we love to quote lines from it and she loves to dance to the music. She loves to dance to any kind of music and it's the funniest thing to see her try and dance, she bends her knees up and down and swings her arms back and forth and has a huge grin on her face the entire time. We turn on music a lot just to see her dance.

We had just a small family party for her birthday and she loved all of her new toys and clothes that she got. She wasn't too sure about digging into her cake since she was tired but she still had fun!
WE LOVE YOU PRESLEE!! Happy 1st Birthday!

...the rest of the pictures from her 1st b-day shoot will be up here shortly!
Oopsy Daisy Photography

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where to begin...

Since I have been a complete blog slacker for the past 2 years and I have about 2000 pictures just from this last year I decided not to try and catch up but to just start fresh from this year and move forward. We have a lot of exciting and fun things that will happen like:
Preslee started walking when she was 11 months old and she will be turning 1 on the 14th.
I will be turning the big 28.
Roger will turn 33.
Macee will be 5!!! I can't believe it's gone by so fast!
We are hoping to go on a vacation somewhere fun this year.
We will be getting grass in the backyard and the girls will be able to go out and play whenever they want to. Our neighbor is giving us a swingset so that will be awesome and we will hopefully get our fire pit in so we can roast marshmellows!
Roger will be done with bball in a couple months and I can't wait to have him home again!
I will hopefully get the house deep cleaned and organized by the end of January and will keep it that way! Fingers Crossed!
I am going to go to the Dr. and try and get my thyroid in check and figure out why I am so tired and fatigued all the time and then hopefully I will begin a good exercise and eating plan and get back into shape! Need some major encouragement on this one!

This might be a boring post but I hope it will keep encouraging me to keep up the blogging and I will post a lot more pics and keep a better journal of our lives! And I can't put up a post without a picture so here is one of my girlies!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I know, I know, my mother and several other people have been asking when I am going to actually put a new post on here! I think about doing it everytime I look at everyone else's blog so I have made a New Years Resolution that I am going to blog at least once a week from now on! There are too many things that my girls do and say to not have them written down and of course there are too many cute pictures taken that I would love to share with all of you! So here is my promise to my girls and to any of you that even look at my blog still that I will do better and mom, if you would kindly remind me once a week to update this it would be greatly appreciated! ;)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


We were sitting at the dinner table finishing up tonight and Roger and I were bantering back and forth and we started getting Macee involved and I said Girls Rule and she says, "Ya Girls Rule, & Boys Slobber!" (instead of drool) We bust up laughing because she says funny things like that all the time and I need to be better about writing them down. We love you Macee! A 4th birthday post and her first day of preschool post coming soon!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Long past due...

Since it's been 4 months since I updated my blog with and sort of post or pics, here's some of my "TINY" who isn't so tiny anymore! *sigh* Pics of Macee are in the works so stay tuned...!!! Once again Harmonie... AWESOME!!! Love ya! www.oopsydaisyphotos.com

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Go here www.oopsydaisyphotos.blogspot.com to look at pictures of my Tiny! Love Them!

Believe in Happily Ever After and it will come true!