Thursday, March 27, 2008

HaPpY eAsTeR!!!

"Here I come!! I'm ready to look for all of those fun Easter Eggs that the Easter Bunny left for me!!!!"

"I can't wait to open these eggs. Who cares about the rest that I haven't found yet!!!"

"Look at all these PINK eggs!!!"

"I found it!"

She caught right on to the whole finding eggs thing. I think we hid the eggs four or five times because she loved it so much!

"I Love Easter Egg Hunts!!!"

This was the best shot we could get of her cute Easter dress. She is too busy and won't hold still so we'll try again next Sunday and see if we can get a better picture!!! Silly Girl!!

RuB a DuB dUb...

I have to say that bath time is one of our most favorite times of the day!! #1. because Macee absolutely loves the bath. She loves to splash and play and she just all around enjoys it!!! #2. it means that bed-time is almost here!!! I love Macee to pieces but its nice to have some peace and quiet after a long busy day!!!
Cutest little Duckie ever!!!

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere...

One, two, three green frogs...

Monday, March 17, 2008

WhAtEvEr HaPpEnEd...

Whatever happened to good old tv...
So most of my fam knows this but Roger and I don't have satellite or cable tv. We simply don't have room in our budget for it and honestly we don't really need all that comes along with it. We do although thanks to my brother Blake have or should I say "had" one station which was KUTV Channel 2. After I had Macee and Blake was here staying he was bored and figured out that we could get that one station with a radio antenna, tinfoil, and Roger sitting there holding it! Anyway we went and bought a set of bunny ear antenna's and have been able to watch one station, just enough to let me watch the news and to be able to watch my most favorite reality shows, i.e.: Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, and some of the other shows on that station. It keeps me sane because I feel like I am still somewhat a part of the world! And now that the writer strike is over I was finally going to be able to watch new shows instead of re-runs! So I have been hearing about the new switch to Digital TV that will be happening in Feb. 09 and how I would need to get a nifty little Digital Box to be able to watch tv, but little did I know that when I would wake up this morning I would turn on the TV and there instead of the morning news and The Price Is Right (which I must add is Macees favorite show) there is the new RTN or the Retro Television Network! Wow! Is all I have to say. It plays old re-runs of all of the old shows that my parents used to watch. Just to name a few: Hunter, Happy Days, and many many more old shows! I got online to see what was going on and why I couldn't watch my beloved morning news show anchors and to my surprise I found out that Channel 2 decided to do the switch to digital television early and that it only affects a few select people in the St. George area! Of all the luck!!! We were lucky enough to be some of the select few! So needless to say I am rambling but I went to a website where you can sign up for coupons for the digital box and signed up to have one sent to us. So hopefully in 2-9 business days we will have our coupon and be able to go get our box. All I have to say is that I'm not the only dissapointed one in the house! Any of you who know my hubby knows that March Madness officially kicked off yesterday and KUTV is the station that runs every single game for the next month. Roger is officially going to be glued to the internet now for the next week instead of the tv. I think he about fell to the floor when I told him we didn't have that station anymore, he came right home from work and turned on the tv just to make sure I wasn't pulling his chain! Thank heaven for March Madness On Demand!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

AnYtHiNg aNd EvErYtHiNg!!

I promised myself that I would try and post something once a week and its nothing special, but its what is going on around here. Roger took a job up at the Cedar City Jones Paint and Glass (not the one I talked about a while ago) but it is a lot better environment, he got a little pay raise (just enough to cover the gas it takes to drive there everyday!) he is a salesman now and will be able to go out to different businesses and construction sites and try and sell paint to them. He will get a commission off of what he sells so the harder he works the more it pays off. Our white Pontiac that we had died a couple months ago and Roger getting this job made us have to go get another car so we bought a 1996 Honda Accord which is just like the car we have but 10+ years older. It is a cute little car and Roger loves it. It has A/C and a CD player. What more could a guy ask for! He loves the job and the car (just not the payment!!) so he is a happy camper! Macee has a really bad cough and a yucky nose so she and Roger stayed home from church yesterday while I went to teach primary. It seems like everyone in our neighborhood was sick and I told Roger that I was glad that none of us got it and the next day Macee started coughing. See what I get for opening my mouth. Roger has it now too so hopefully I don't get it.
We have had really nice sunny weather the last couple weeks. Its been a little bit windy but very warm. I love the spring time, I think it is my favorite season. The birds are coming out and chirping, the grass turns green again, the flowers are so bright and happy, its not too hot outside yet! What more can I say, I Love Warm Weather!!! Macee loves to be outside and would live out there if I let her. She loves riding her bike and playing in her wagon that Grandma and Grandpa Peterson gave her for Christmas! She loves to play in the rocks too, probably because we have more rocks than grass. She is a little tom boy when we're outside but then she's a girlie girl when we're inside. Yesterday she went and got all of her clothes that we hung up to dry and wanted to put them all on. Roger told her that she was very good at layering!! She loves to have me do her hair and she always looks in the mirror at herself and thinks shes the cutest thing. My friend was playing with her hair and put pigtails in it and she looks so cute, so I've been doing that and she loves it. It makes her chubby cheeks stand out even more and I love it!! I just want to squeeze her sometimes because shes so cute and funny! Well enough rambling from me, I hope that all of you who read this update your blogs so I can spy on you too!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

aLL bEtTeR!!!

Stupid I.D. bracelet!!!

Macee had her surgery on her ears on Tuesday and things couldn't have gone better! We had to be to the hospital by 6:40 in the morning so we were all really tired. I think Macee could tell that something was going on because she was shaking and nervous. The nurse was taking her heart-rate and she took it 3 or 4 times because Macee's heart was racing and she wanted to make sure she was going to calm down! They gave her some sort of medicine that was supposed to make her loopy and calm so that they could take her into surgery and not have her remember anything and also so they could pry her away from me. She was so funny after they gave it to her. The bracelet that they put on you so they know who you are was put on her leg because her arm was too small and that thing was going to be the death of us all. Macee was having a cow because she wanted it off and she didn't know what was going on and by this time she is really loopy and she is drooling through her binkie and she just has this la la land look on her face like what is so funny? Roger and I were cracking up!!! Even after surgery she just wanted that stupid thing off of her and she cried about it until we were in the car on our way home and I finally pryed it off of her leg! Trauma!!! Anyway they let us talk to the doctors before surgery and they took her away from me and she was crying and then I wanted to cry because she was crying but anyway we sat in the waiting room and it seemed like only a couple minutes had passed and the doctor was back telling us that everything went well and that we would be able to see her soon. We met her back in recovery and I was so happy to hold her again! We stayed there for about a half hour and then they let us go home! We were all so tired from a long morning that we all took about a 3 hour nap. Macee still has a really scratchy throat from the tube they put down it suring surgery and she tugs at her ears a little bit but other than that she is back to her normal happy little self!! I am glad its over and now the talking begins hopefully!!! Thanks to everyone who said prayers for her and have been concerned for us, it means a lot to all of us.

Believe in Happily Ever After and it will come true!