Wednesday, February 27, 2008

mAcEe, MaCeE, mAcEe

My Favorite!!!

Mommy's Sweatheart!

Daddy's Girl!

Blowing Kissses!


Look at the eyes!!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall...Who's the fairest of them all?
We know she's ours but we still think she is the most beautiful of them all!!!

18 mOnTHs...

Obviously I don't have a lot to talk about besides Macee since she is pretty much my entire life but I know my family likes to hear about her and what's going on. Macee had her 18 month checkup today and I have to say that I actually had a good experience at the doctors office. Usually when the doctor comes in the door Macee automatically freaks out. She screams and cries and won't let him look at her and do the things he needs to do. I have to hold her down and fight with her the whole time. Just to say she has already freaked out at the nurse when she tried to weigh her but anyway... The doctor came in today and she actually smiled at him:) WOW!!!! is all I have to say. I think he was a little shocked too. I love our doctor and he is so fun with Macee and always tells her she is beautiful and he always listens to my concerns and takes time to talk, I don't feel rushed like you usually do at the doctor. So back to my story... Macee has had a rash for the last week and I asked him about it and he said its just one of those weird things that kids get and its not contagious it doesn't hurt her and it will be there for about 6 weeks he said. Roger is relieved that she's not dying or something!!!(he's very protective and has been worried about her so now he can calm down about it) Shes off the charts in her height again and just right in her weight and head circumference. She gets her tubes in her ears on Tuesday and we are looking forward to her starting to talk. Everyone keeps telling me I will regret saying that but I think it is different when your child actually can't do something yet that all of the other kids their age are doing and it makes me sad sometimes that she still can't communicate with us because it is very frustrating for her and for us as parents. I am a little nervous for the surgery but I am told that her doctor is very good and will take good care of her. Her appointment went very good and Dr. Marsden said she looks like a healthy, happy, and a very well-rounded toddler! All good things to hear as a mom and dad who are always hoping that we are being good parents and making sure that she does have what she needs and that we are teaching her the right things!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

OuR LiTtLe VacAtiON!!!

This past weekend we took a trip up to Lehi-ish to celebrate Valentines Day, Our 6th Anniversary, My Birthday, and Roger's Birthday. Roger did a bunch of planning and got us a hotel room up in SLC and we got tickets to the Utah Grizzlies Hockey Game and we had plans to go spend a day in Park City and do some shopping. We had a doctors appointment on the 14th for Macee because she has to have tubes put in her ears to drain the fluid out so she will be able to hear better and start talking. She has surgery on March 4th. The doctor said it will only take about 10-15 minutes and it is usually harder on the parents than it is on the child. We are excited to get it done so she can start progressing on her speach. The whining all of the time is about ready to drive us all crazy!!! We left after that and got up to Lehi and found out that my brother Blake and his wife Mollie are expecting a baby in Sept. (Congrats!!!) I woke up the next morning with our plans set and had the worst Migraine headache of my entire life. I couldn't open my eyes and it was to the point that it was making me sick to my stomach! Roger got worried that I wouldn't get feeling better so he called and canceled our hotel room for the night because he didn't want to pay for it if we weren't going. Anyway... I layed around for most of the day and eventually felt good enough to get ready and I really wanted to go check out the new Cheesecake Factory before the hockey game! We got there and it was a 2 hour wait and we didn't have time nor did we want to wait so we went to Applebees and then went to the hockey game. I had never been to one before but we had a lot of fun. I watched all of the people more than I watched the game (thanks mom!!!) but it was good to get away by ourselves! We did go to Park City on Saturday and just walked around all of the stores and found a couple of good deals on clothes and especially shoes. We all have Skechers now!!!!! We had a lot of fun and thanks to my mom and dad for watching Macee for us!!! She kept them very busy and now they know why I am so tired all the time! It was good to see all of my family and we got to see Rogers parents on the way back home. We all needed one more day of vacation to catch up on sleep and unpacking but we had fun! Its always good to be back home!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A girl can never have too many...

SHOES!!!!! So ever since Macee could walk she has been obsessed with shoes. She always has to have shoes on even if they aren't hers. If we go to someones house and there is shoes lying around she will take hers off and put theirs on. She puts Roger's shoes on and they are pretty much as big as she is but she gets the biggest smile on her face and walks around the house. She loves putting on my "witch shoes" as my mom calls them and seeing her try to walk in those is hilarious. If I don't have shoes on she will find some and bring them to me and put them on me. I couldn't resist this post just because I think it is so funny!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow Snow and more Snow!!!

I had to write about this because it doesn't happen very often. Today it rained and rained and then it snowed and snowed and snowed. I think we have a good 3-4 inches and it looks so beautiful on all of the palm trees and other things that we usually don't get to see snow on. Macee doesn't know what to think about it she just kind of walks around in it like she's not quite sure what it is. I love to see all of the kids go outside and love the snow since most of them don't see it very often. There is such a peaceful feeling after it has snowed and I love it. I keep going outside hoping that it is still there! I miss it snowing all the time but then love it when its sunny and warm! I have turned out to be a fair-weathered friend!!!

Continuing On...

So I was telling you about what we are doing. Roger is doing school like I said through an online school and will be done in December. He is still working at Jones Paint and Glass and has applied to be the paint department manager in the Cedar City store and we will hopefully find out Mon. if he got the job. He would get a big pay raise and lots of other perks too. We are crossing our fingers and saying our prayers that he gets it! He still is a sports junkie which I don't think will ever change but he likes to do "fantasy sports" online (don't ask me how it works because I don't know) but he is always calling his friends and making "trades". He is such a good dad and loves every minute he gets to spend with Macee especially the stinky diapers! And last but not least I guess it's my turn! I got a job working a couple nights a week at Kohl's for some extra cash and that lets me get out of the house and I get a really good discount on things! I still love staying at home and watching all of the crazy things Macee does and watching her grow and become more independent! She climbed up onto the kitchen table to help me type!! Anyway I like to do crafts with my friend up the road and let the kids play! I joined Weight Watchers a couple weeks ago and have lost 2 1/2 pounds so far. Its slow but will hopefully pay off soon!!! Still more to come...

It's About Time...

Well I am happy to say that I finally joined the online community. We just got the internet this past week and I finally feel like I am part of the world. I have missed out on a lot of things like "blogging" for instance and being able to keep tabs on all of you a little better than phone calls! Anyway, I will catch you up on our fam a little. Macee will be 18 months at the end of Feb. and I can't believe how fast time flies! She went to nursery (yay!!!) for the first time last week and loved every minute of it! Roger went to check on her a couple times and he said that all of the other kids were screaming and Macee was just staring at them like what is your problem! Funny to me anyway! She is getting all of her yucky back teeth in and let me tell you we are both miserable! Runny noses fevers and sleeping in the recliner!!! I love being a mom and I guess that's what comes a long with it. I wouldn't trade it for the world! My Macee likes to have mom and dad take her picture and we tell her to smile and she makes a cute "cheese" face that makes me laugh every time! (I am waiting for my new camera to come in the mail so I will get pictures up ASAP) She loves to play with all of her friends in the nieghborhood especially the boys! She is a little flirt already! Roger is going to have a heart attack by age thirty (which by the way is in April) because he worries about her so much. He always tells her she can't ever leave the house or date until she's 25! Sorry this is long but I guess I have a lot of catching up to do. Roger is finishing up his degree (finally) and he will graduate this December. I will be throwing a party so you are all invited! I ran out of room on this one so to be continued...
Believe in Happily Ever After and it will come true!