Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy MaCeE!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Macee!

I can't believe that my Macee is 2 years old today! Time has gone by so fast! She is such a sweet little girl and she has everyone wrapped around her finger! We love her so much! Here are a few fun things about her, things we love about her, and some of the things that she loves!
Macee was born at Dixie Regional Medical Center on Saturday August 26th 2006 @ 12:56 am. She weighed 9 pounds and was 20 1/2 inches long. She had lots of dark black hair and looked just like her daddy! She was such a good, layed back baby and hardly ever cried except when she was hungry or poopy! Everyone fell in love with her from day one and she still is the center of the show! WE LOVE YOU MACEE!
She loves to give kisses, especially when she has just put chapstick on!
She loves to watch "shows" especially ones with puppies, cars, dogs, or any other animal that there is! She's always asking for "shows".
She loves chapstick and Vaseline thanks to her mama!
She loves her "bbet" (blanket) especially when she's tired!
She loves to copy everything mommy does, like putting on makeup, making sure she looks good in the mirror, trying on 10 pairs of shoes to make sure she got the right ones, cooking, cleaning, and the list goes on! I love it that she wants to be like me!
She loves her daddy! From the second she wakes up in the morning she is asking for him. She loves to play basketball with him and play outside and have him take her for wagon rides!
She loves fruitsnacks! She's always asking for them.
She loves to be outside and ride her bikes.
She loves to get into trouble!
She loves her mama's and bapa's!
She loves her aunts and uncles and cousins.
I love that she is such a happy little girl! Except when she decides she's 2 and throws her fits!
I love it when she gives me big kisses and hugs.
I love it when she cuddles with me on the couch.
I love it when she says things that I have no idea what she's saying so I just have to laugh!
I love it when she has crazy hair.
I love it when she lets me hold her.
I love it that she loves her mommy and daddy!

Since we were in St George on Macees actual Birthday we had a fun little party for her the Sat. before at our house and had our familys come! Since her favorite color is YELLOW right now that was our theme. We had cake (that didn't turn out so well) and ice cream and we let Macee open her gifts! Thank you everyone! She is definitely blessed in the gift department! She had so much fun! Thanks everyone who came!

Great Grandpa & Grandma Peterson

Mama and Bapa

Great Aunt Geri & Uncle Jeff

Auntie M & Uncle B

The Watsons, Janielle, Eric, Lindsey, Grandma & Grandpa

We had quite the adventure making this stupid cake and we were all so tired we got really goofy! Thanks for helping me "mama & Gergi"!
Putting on the finishing touches!
The finished Product! It is supposed to be a flower! Better luck next year!
Happy Birthday Macee! 2 years old!She was a pro at blowing out the candles! We did it 3 or 4 times so we could get it on camera!
She kept licking frosting off of the cake! It didn't look very good but it was yummy!

The presents just kept coming and coming!

It looked like Christmas at our house! She just kept throwing tissue paper and wrapping paper everywhere and I could have sworn it was Dec. 25th!

Her new "ride" she thinks its awesome!

Thanks Mama and Bapa for the cute pink table and chairs! They match her bedroom perfectly!

Spoiled! Is all I have to say!

Her new 4-wheeler! She loves it. Notice the pink shoes, she wears them all the time! Thanks Uncle Jeff!

We hope you had a great Birthday Macee! We Love You!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Macee's 2 year old Pics!

While we were in St. George my friend Teresa took Macee's pictures for her birthday and they turned out soooo good! These are just a few of my favorites! Thanks again Teresa!

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Friday, August 22, 2008

7 Years!

Last night we went to the Sanpete County Fair and the Demolition Derby! 7 years ago exactly Roger and I had our first date at the derby! We have tried to make it a tradition to go to the derby every year that we've lived here and since we lived in St George for 3 years we missed it so we were glad to be back! It's kindof white trashy and there are definitely some interesting people that go to these things but we had a ton of fun!! I can't believe its been 7 years since we met! It has gone by so fast, we've had good times and bad but I wouldn't change anything! Happy 7 Years to us!!!

Rogers brother Eric and his wife Janielle went with us and we had a blast! Thanks Eric for standing in line for tickets!

This was one of the many crashes!

All lined up and ready to go!

I think there were 6 cars that tipped over, the most we have ever seen! Everyone made it out without injuries!

And the winner is... the Yellow car #69!

If anyone wants to go with us next year its a ton of fun!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Since everything I write about is Macee here is a cute picture I found of her, even though the wind was blowing I still love it! We have just been getting ready for Macee's birthday and trying to get everything arranged for her parties! Roger is starting to get busy at work trying to hire all of the students for the new school year and I have been trying to be as patient as possible with my impossible almost two year old that wants to be so big and do everything that mommy does and more! She wants to be so independent which is fine to a point and I am trying to be patient but sometimes it doesn't work so well! I signed her up for a 2 year old dance class today and I think she will love it! I feel like she needs something to do other than hang out with me all the time and its only once a week for a half hour so I thought it would be perfect! They do a little Christmas performance and then one in the spring so I am excited for her to do something she loves since she is always dancing around the house! We will be super busy the next couple of weeks with one party here for family and then a little get together in St George with Macee's little friends! She has her two year check-up which is why we are going to St George and I am anxious to see her growth since she looks like a 3 or 4 year since she is so tall! We are excited to see all of our friends there too! That's pretty much all we're doing nothing too exciting but part of my "journal" anyway! Tootles

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's A Party!

We decided that since we will be in St George for Macee's 2nd Birthday we wanted to have a little party for all of Macee's friends in our old neighborhood! It won't be anything fancy but we wanted her to be able to see everyone and thought this would be a great way! We will have cake and get together to play at Jumpin' Jacks on August 26th! We're not reserving it but would love you to come! Time to be announced later when I find out what their hours are! Could someone leave me a comment with their phone number so I can call and find out and then I will post it as soon as I can! Don't feel obligated but if you want to come we would love to see you! We all miss everyone so much so we hope to see you there!
Believe in Happily Ever After and it will come true!