Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MaCeE TaG!

5 things about Macee

1. Macee was born 1 day before her due date and was a whopping 9 pounds! She had lots of dark black hair and a chubby round face. She was a great baby and would only cry if she was hungry. The doctor told me at her 1 week check-up that she was the most active and wiggly new-born baby that he had ever seen and she still is the most active wiggly kid I know! She hates to sleep! The picture above is what happened when Macee was supposed to be taking a nap! So much for that! I think she thinks she will miss out on something that is going on so she can't go to sleep!

2. Macee is the most friendly little girl. She will go up to anyone and start a conversation in her own little jibberish! We have to be careful because someone might snatch her up! She loves to make new friends and hopefully we can find her some more in our neighborhood!

3. Macee loves her daddy especially when he is gone to work. She asks where daddy is until he gets home. She loves to play basketball with her daddy and she loves to go to work with him and play with all of the fun stuff there. Roger says that the whole time I am at work she is asking for me so I guess I am loved too! She loves all of her mama's and bapa's! (All 12 of them!)

4. Macee loves to sing and dance! She loves to go to her little dance class and she comes home so happy and excited! She loves to sing at the top of her lungs in sacrament meeting even though we might need a few singing lessons!

5. Macee is a very picky eater right now but there are a few things she can't get enough of! PANCAKES! Cereal, string cheese, crackers, and did I mention pancakes! Sometimes she eats so much we don't know where she puts it all and then most of the time she doesn't eat hardly anything!

We Love our Macee and now we tag, Carson, Aubrey, Hailey, Alexis & Chloe! And anyone else who wants to do it!

CaRviNg PuMpKiNs

We carved our pumpkins for FHE last night and it was so much fun! Macee loved it and she especially loved to see them after it got dark and they were all lit up!
Macee was "helping" Roger clean out her pumpkin, she didn't really like touching the guts too much she just liked playing with the knives! Go Figure!
The finished product! I think Macee's pumpkin looks the scariest!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


We had an early Halloween party and of course had to get pictures of Macee and "Cokie". Macee loves her cousin and they looked so cute together! Macee was a doggie and Chloe had a cute little Halloween outfit on.

We decided to put Chloe in Macee's little baby stroller and she fit just right!

Friday, October 17, 2008

cOoKiNg BaLLeRiNa!

Here is my little cooking ballerina! We got home from dance and she still had all of her clothes on and she decided to make some pancakes! Her new favorite thing to do is take all of my pans out of the cupboard and get my whisk and she walk around telling us shes making pancakes! It is so funny mostly because pancakes are her favorite food!

bLaCk EyE!

Roger and Macee came to visit me at the credit union today and Macee wanted a piece of candy off of the desk and she slipped and hit her eye right on the corner! You can barely tell in these pictures but it is all swollen and black and blue! It has definitely gotten worse as time has gone on and it will definitely be there for a while! She thinks its cool that she has an owie on her eye and she makes sure to tell everyone!

Believe in Happily Ever After and it will come true!