Friday, December 12, 2008

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS RoGeR!!!

I just wanted to let you all know that I am so proud of Roger. He is officially done with his Bachelors Degree and we BOTH couldn't be happier! This has been 10 years in the making and he is finally done! He graduated with his Associates Degree a while back and has been working on this degree for a while now and it's been a lot of hard work and sacrifice but he did it! He has been working 3 jobs and going to school and taking care of his ladies and he has done it all without complaining! Hopefully now he will be able to get a job that he wants or get paid more at the one he has since he has his degree. He plans on getting his Masters soon but needs a little break before starting into that adventure! We Love You and are so proud of what you have accomplished! CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS RoGeR!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I'm sitting here writing this procrastinating all of the other things I have to do because I can't stop thinking about the message that my visiting teachers shared with me today. It was one of my favorite talks at this past General Conference and I was so happy that they decided to share this particular message. Elder Joseph B Wirthlin gave the talk and it was so uplifting to me seeing him up there, not even being able to stand and give his talk and he still has the best attitude and wants us all to "Come What May, And Love It!" I think its going to be the new saying for vinyl lettering, but anyway... It just got me thinking about all the times that I get so mad over the little things and when I get after Macee for something she did or when I get after Roger for something he didn't do and how I need to just take what life throws at me and laugh about it and love it. He says in his talk, "If we approach adversities wisely, our hardest times can be times of greatest growth, which in turn can lead toward times of greatest happiness... The first thing we can do is learn to laugh." My adversities and trials are very minimum compared to most but I still need to take them in stride and learn what they are supposed to be teaching me and to "Come What May And Love It!" If you would like to read this talk and be uplifted like I was click HERE!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jumpin' on the wagon!

I guess I am officially jumping on the wagon! I have kindof thought about going private ever since I started my blog but after hearing story after story I think its time! I have heard of way too many scary things happening and I never want anything to happen to my precious family because of a stupid blog! There are enough bad things in this world without having to worry about that too! I love the blogging world and think it is so much fun to find peoples blogs that I know and haven't seen for a while and I hate to do this but I think its the right thing to do for my little family! I love Macee too much to have anything happen to her that I could have prevented! All you lurkers that look at my blog leave me a comment with your email address and I would be happy to invite you to see my blog! I will delete your comment with your email after I save them!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MaCeE TaG!

5 things about Macee

1. Macee was born 1 day before her due date and was a whopping 9 pounds! She had lots of dark black hair and a chubby round face. She was a great baby and would only cry if she was hungry. The doctor told me at her 1 week check-up that she was the most active and wiggly new-born baby that he had ever seen and she still is the most active wiggly kid I know! She hates to sleep! The picture above is what happened when Macee was supposed to be taking a nap! So much for that! I think she thinks she will miss out on something that is going on so she can't go to sleep!

2. Macee is the most friendly little girl. She will go up to anyone and start a conversation in her own little jibberish! We have to be careful because someone might snatch her up! She loves to make new friends and hopefully we can find her some more in our neighborhood!

3. Macee loves her daddy especially when he is gone to work. She asks where daddy is until he gets home. She loves to play basketball with her daddy and she loves to go to work with him and play with all of the fun stuff there. Roger says that the whole time I am at work she is asking for me so I guess I am loved too! She loves all of her mama's and bapa's! (All 12 of them!)

4. Macee loves to sing and dance! She loves to go to her little dance class and she comes home so happy and excited! She loves to sing at the top of her lungs in sacrament meeting even though we might need a few singing lessons!

5. Macee is a very picky eater right now but there are a few things she can't get enough of! PANCAKES! Cereal, string cheese, crackers, and did I mention pancakes! Sometimes she eats so much we don't know where she puts it all and then most of the time she doesn't eat hardly anything!

We Love our Macee and now we tag, Carson, Aubrey, Hailey, Alexis & Chloe! And anyone else who wants to do it!

CaRviNg PuMpKiNs

We carved our pumpkins for FHE last night and it was so much fun! Macee loved it and she especially loved to see them after it got dark and they were all lit up!
Macee was "helping" Roger clean out her pumpkin, she didn't really like touching the guts too much she just liked playing with the knives! Go Figure!
The finished product! I think Macee's pumpkin looks the scariest!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


We had an early Halloween party and of course had to get pictures of Macee and "Cokie". Macee loves her cousin and they looked so cute together! Macee was a doggie and Chloe had a cute little Halloween outfit on.

We decided to put Chloe in Macee's little baby stroller and she fit just right!

Friday, October 17, 2008

cOoKiNg BaLLeRiNa!

Here is my little cooking ballerina! We got home from dance and she still had all of her clothes on and she decided to make some pancakes! Her new favorite thing to do is take all of my pans out of the cupboard and get my whisk and she walk around telling us shes making pancakes! It is so funny mostly because pancakes are her favorite food!

bLaCk EyE!

Roger and Macee came to visit me at the credit union today and Macee wanted a piece of candy off of the desk and she slipped and hit her eye right on the corner! You can barely tell in these pictures but it is all swollen and black and blue! It has definitely gotten worse as time has gone on and it will definitely be there for a while! She thinks its cool that she has an owie on her eye and she makes sure to tell everyone!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chloe Kristine Peterson

Chloe was born on September 30 which is also Mollies birthday! Happy Birthday to both of you! She was born at 3:50 pm and was 7 pounds 6 ounces and 18 1/2 inches. She is a cutie! Congratulations Blake and Mollie!!!

Macee cannot get enough of her. She talks about her constantly! She loves her cousin "Cokie"!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

JuSt DaNcE!

Macee and her cute teacher! (sorry it's crooked)

I signed Macee up for a 2 year old dance class and she loves it! I tell her the night before that she has dance tomorrow and that's all she talks about the whole night and the morning before is dance, dance, dance! Her teachers are so cute and they are so good with the kids! They have done finger paints and other fun activities along with learning different ballet forms with nursery rhymes and french. Her teacher told me that when they do front rolls that Macee runs up to the front and gives her a hug and then goes back and does her front roll! So funny, don't ask me why but I guess she feels inclined! They give them a fun little paper to take home after class with a picture on it of what they learned that day so they can practice and Macee carries it around for a good 2-3 days afterward showing us what she did! She loves the little half hour once a week just to get away from mom and I do too!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Here Piggy Piggy...

Ok so for those of you that don't know I got a job at the Credit Union here in Ephraim just working a couple days a week when Roger is home from work. I just needed something very part-time to get me out of the house so I don't go crazy and of course the extra cash is GREAT... it will be my spending money!!! (Roger thinks otherwise but oh well!) Anyway... yesterday was my first day and I pretty much just shadowed another teller trying to learn their system. The company had their summer party last night and they invited us to go so we did. They had super yummy food and it was up in the mountains at a fun cabin. After we all ate they said we have a few prizes but not enough for everyone so we put everyones name in a hat and we will choose winners. I thought to myself that would be cool if I won on my first day working there... So they told us that they had bought 3 pigs at the fair and were having them slaughtered and packaged and that 6 of us would get a half a pig! So I'm thinking sweet, that's awesome we could really use the meat, and next thing I know they draw my name 4th!!! So anyway to make a short story long, now we have to buy a freezer to put the meat in and we are super excited!

And we named the pig "Dinner" by the way!! ***WINK WINK*** (for you mom)

Monday, September 1, 2008

From St. George to Lehi and back home!!

We have had a super busy week this week. It started with Macee's early birthday party on Saturday and she had so much fun! (see post) On Monday we headed to St George for a little vacation and to take Macee for her Dr. appointment with our favorite doctor! We got together with our good friends the Kellys when we got there on Mon. and we went out to dinner to Chilis. It was so much fun to get together with them and see how big Calen has gotten in just a couple months! It was just like old times being back together with them and I sure do miss that! We wish a lot that we could live in that neighborhood again, we had so many good times there and there are so many kids that Macee played with! We saw a lot of our old neighbors and it was good to talk to all of you! Some of them were out of town and hopefully we will get to see them next time we go!

On Tuesday (Happy Birthday Macee) we got together with Teresa my old neighbor and she was so nice to take Macee's pictures for us. (see post) They turned out SUPER CUTE and I am so excited to get a bunch of them blown up and hang them up. Thanks again Teresa! I hope you get feeling better! We couldn't go to St George without going shopping at all of my favorite stores that I miss so much and I got a couple of killer deals on some clothes for Macee. Since it was her birthday that day we took her and let her pick out some fun toys and a tutu of course since she is in dance now! We got together with Joey and Kayden for dinner and it was good to see them and to let the kids play. They are going to get married someday! We went to the Kellys again and Katie had made cupcakes for Macee's birthday! It was so nice of her and they were yummy! Maddix picked out a cute little bath dolly for Macee and she loves it! Thanks again for everything, Chris, Katie, Maddix, Drake, & Calen, we miss you guys!

On Wed. we had Macee's doctor appointment and it went good except for the fact that she pooped right before the doctor came in and she wouldn't let me change her and boy did it stink in there! Good thing Dr. Marsden loves her and didn't mind! He said her ears still look good and that she is perfect in every way! (we already think so!) She is 35 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds. She is in the 99th percentile overall and he said that she couldn't be better! It's always so nice to hear that she is healthy and happy and doing so well! She didn't like him too much this time but hopefully when we go back in a year she will have a change of heart. We couldn't have a better doctor and it is definitely worth the drive!

We got home Wed. and on Thurs. morning after dance we headed up to Lehi for a wedding, farewell, a baby shower for Mollie and "Cokie" who will be here any time now, and just to have fun! Macee got to go with grandpa and see him catch some fish. She wasn't so sure about it at first but she finally touched one and thought it was pretty cool! She also got to see a couple snakes that grandpa caught out in the yard and thought that was pretty fun. She went around hissing and sticking out her tongue at everyone. She always has fun in Lehi!

Oh and this is my weird brother being weird! What a nerd!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy MaCeE!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Macee!

I can't believe that my Macee is 2 years old today! Time has gone by so fast! She is such a sweet little girl and she has everyone wrapped around her finger! We love her so much! Here are a few fun things about her, things we love about her, and some of the things that she loves!
Macee was born at Dixie Regional Medical Center on Saturday August 26th 2006 @ 12:56 am. She weighed 9 pounds and was 20 1/2 inches long. She had lots of dark black hair and looked just like her daddy! She was such a good, layed back baby and hardly ever cried except when she was hungry or poopy! Everyone fell in love with her from day one and she still is the center of the show! WE LOVE YOU MACEE!
She loves to give kisses, especially when she has just put chapstick on!
She loves to watch "shows" especially ones with puppies, cars, dogs, or any other animal that there is! She's always asking for "shows".
She loves chapstick and Vaseline thanks to her mama!
She loves her "bbet" (blanket) especially when she's tired!
She loves to copy everything mommy does, like putting on makeup, making sure she looks good in the mirror, trying on 10 pairs of shoes to make sure she got the right ones, cooking, cleaning, and the list goes on! I love it that she wants to be like me!
She loves her daddy! From the second she wakes up in the morning she is asking for him. She loves to play basketball with him and play outside and have him take her for wagon rides!
She loves fruitsnacks! She's always asking for them.
She loves to be outside and ride her bikes.
She loves to get into trouble!
She loves her mama's and bapa's!
She loves her aunts and uncles and cousins.
I love that she is such a happy little girl! Except when she decides she's 2 and throws her fits!
I love it when she gives me big kisses and hugs.
I love it when she cuddles with me on the couch.
I love it when she says things that I have no idea what she's saying so I just have to laugh!
I love it when she has crazy hair.
I love it when she lets me hold her.
I love it that she loves her mommy and daddy!

Since we were in St George on Macees actual Birthday we had a fun little party for her the Sat. before at our house and had our familys come! Since her favorite color is YELLOW right now that was our theme. We had cake (that didn't turn out so well) and ice cream and we let Macee open her gifts! Thank you everyone! She is definitely blessed in the gift department! She had so much fun! Thanks everyone who came!

Great Grandpa & Grandma Peterson

Mama and Bapa

Great Aunt Geri & Uncle Jeff

Auntie M & Uncle B

The Watsons, Janielle, Eric, Lindsey, Grandma & Grandpa

We had quite the adventure making this stupid cake and we were all so tired we got really goofy! Thanks for helping me "mama & Gergi"!
Putting on the finishing touches!
The finished Product! It is supposed to be a flower! Better luck next year!
Happy Birthday Macee! 2 years old!She was a pro at blowing out the candles! We did it 3 or 4 times so we could get it on camera!
She kept licking frosting off of the cake! It didn't look very good but it was yummy!

The presents just kept coming and coming!

It looked like Christmas at our house! She just kept throwing tissue paper and wrapping paper everywhere and I could have sworn it was Dec. 25th!

Her new "ride" she thinks its awesome!

Thanks Mama and Bapa for the cute pink table and chairs! They match her bedroom perfectly!

Spoiled! Is all I have to say!

Her new 4-wheeler! She loves it. Notice the pink shoes, she wears them all the time! Thanks Uncle Jeff!

We hope you had a great Birthday Macee! We Love You!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Macee's 2 year old Pics!

While we were in St. George my friend Teresa took Macee's pictures for her birthday and they turned out soooo good! These are just a few of my favorites! Thanks again Teresa!

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